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Abyss made his way down the long hallway, his bootsteps echoed throughout the ship. It has been two hundred years, to a vice nothing more than a small part of their life spent with fighting. He was a Supreme commander, he lead fleets and armies that could take worlds. But unlike the rest, Abyss felt a small bit of heartbreak. He knew he was sending his own children to fight and die by his command.

Abyss stopped at a set of doors guarded by two troopers, waiting at attention. He nods his head and they part from the doors. One trooper enter in a code on a control panel and the doors open.

Once inside Abyss looked around the large room he just entered. It was a perfect spaeth, with a flat floor and dangling by two chains by the wists was a UII soldier. Who was shown in the dark room by a single light over head.

“I see you’re still hanging in there?” Abyss asked, with a stomp of his foot a control console raised from the floor to waist level. With one of his smaller hands he tipped in a code. The chains moved, with a clank the Irken was lowered to the floor. But only as far as his toes could reach the floor. The soldier looked up with spite in his eyes, a bloody lip and a number of wounds all over his body.

“I hear that the seekers could not pull anything from your mind. As well as Rush madness could not break you. Even tougher that we did before was in the end pointless… Hungry?” Abyss asked as he walked around the room, watching. Looking over every bruise, every cut, every broken bone that has been treated. So the irken would not die. He almost looked good enough to eat.

“Why…” The irken asked in a raspy voice. It was clear the soldier has not eaten in days, maybe even weeks. Only given enough food to live and nothing more.

“Why keep you alive?” Abyss replied as he ran a hand over the wall. As his second pair of hands pulled out a data pad. Then began to read from it. “Let say you, Have my interest...”

Abyss then drops the date pad in front of the UII soldier, he looked down at it and saw something that left him in shock. It was a file, on him. Name, age, family and even friends. He looked up at Abyss who was smiling calmly at him. For a vice, he was to calm to be one of them.

“Your name is Zamort, age 33, family of 5. You were in a number of missions that should have failed, but every time you did what no one else could. You won...” Abyss said as he walked up to Zamort, who was glaring daggers at the vice.

“If you hurt them…” Zamort growled, but all Abyss did was laugh. It was not a laugh of sarcasm or a laugh of bitterness. It was a laugh of amusement.

“I have no interest with your brood or your mate. I already have what I want.” Abyss replied as he reached down and picked up a the data pad. The Vice Supreme commander smiled as he poked the irken in the chest with the data pad. “What I want, was you…”

The UII Soldier looked confused, he could not understand why this alien was so fixated on him. He was just a soldier of the UII. He just did his job nothing more, what did he do to get this Supreme commander attention.

“I read through the reports, very nice. Flashy, getting a lot of attention, and saving the day! Sounds very… farfetched.” Abyss added reading from the data pad again. He hit something on the pad and a holo map appeared. “Rijjen 5, do you remember it?”

“I… Try to forget…” Zamort replied bitterly. Rijjen five was one of the few worlds not hit by the war. Until a pirate fleet attacked the planet. Zamort was one of the few who was sent down to try and save some hosagests. But there was to many, Zamort was the only one left then…

“You battled your way with a full deployment of soldiers… They all died by the pirates. Yet you was the only one who survived. Yes it was too late to save the civilians, but you still should of been praised for what you did. Unlike all these other missions you did, this seemed to be the only real one.” Abyss said with an amused tone.

“What?” Zamort asked it hurt his neck to look up but he had to see the look in his eyes. The vice eyes show interest and a desire to know.

“All your other missions seemed, rehearsed, fake. Like putting on a show... They show very little of what true combat really is... But this… This mission on Rijjen five show the truth. And I’m interested with you, if you was a vice you’d be given praise and a feast in your honor.” Abyss went on but Zamort could not understand what this vice was talking about. Why it was so interested in him.

“I don’t understand… What do you want with me?” Zamort asked, Abyss sighed seeing that the irken did not understand. The vice types something in the data pad and the chains holding Zamort go slack. The UII soldier fell to the floor in pain, even if he wanted to get up the chains were to heavy. Zamort did not understand why these chains were on him, it almost seemed overkill.

“I want to talk, I was looking for one of your kind who could understand… Seeing as you used to be grown in a tank, or was you born?” Abyss replied as he started to walk around Zamort. “Tell me what do you know about my kind? The vice.”

“You’re killers…” Zamort replied this made Abyss laugh. “You eat people…”

“And?” Abyss added as he looked at Zamort. The irken looked confused when Abyss said that, and what? That was the question going through Zamort mind. “And what is what you’re going to say, isn’t it? It what they all say.”

“They?” Zamort asked, trying to set up and look at the vice. Abyss made no move to reply, and just left the question hanging in the air. “They who?”

“Everyone I’ve ever talked to. Every alien I ever had a fight with, and they all had the same thing to say. We’re monsters, we’re killers, we’re sinners… I never understood that last one.” Abyss said as he walked up to a wall. “The vice do not have much of a religion. We know the void takes us, simple as that… It is our beginning and end.” Abyss then pushed something on the wall. Then the wall begin to move, Zamort was shocked at what he saw. It was not a wall, it was the blast door to a window.

“What do you think? This is the dead zone, better known as the Ghost Nebula. This was our home.” Abyss asked as he looked outside, Zamort slowly get up on to his feet even with the weight of the chains pulling on his arms. “Let me tell you… A story.”


A long time ago the vice used to be a prideful race, they had respect. They had parade held in their honor. There masters used to hold them in such high regards. Until there master’s war was over… The Vice then became a problem to their masters, they were to high maintenance. So they put them on a ship and sent them off into the void of the Ghost Nebula.


“How did you survive… There was no way for your kind to live in a Nebule. Your ship would have been torn apart.” Said Zamort. Abyss rolled his eyes as he looked back to the Irken.

“If you let me finish you would find out…” Abyss replied as he looked outside the window. A Vice ship called a Megalodon fly past. “Did you know, after the war some of the Va-Takin followed us to leave your system, they up graded our fleet. Our technology, even weapons. Now where was I?”


Oh yes, the ship in a surprising twist crashed into a planet. Deep within the Ghost Nebula, turn out there was a small start system deep within it. Shocking I know, it should be impassable but it was there. As you could guess the vice in the begin had no knowledge of star ships. Let alone know how to fix one. But they were not alone on this hostile new world, so the vice did what they were made to do, they fight!

It was unknown how many thousands of years past before the queens came along, and their evolution came along. Or how long we survived on that planet. The oldest record was a vice named Kilbag Boneater. It was said in order for a vice to show they could be warriors. And could serve their queen, was to undergo the rite of pain.

The rite of pain, is when a vice come of age they’re sent into the wilds. They must come back to the hive after surviving a week on their own. If they do not come back they most likely dead. The rite of pain has been changed many times, to surviving on a wild planet to surviving in a war for a year.


“Why tell me this… I don’t understand?” Asked Zamort. The irken had little idea what vice culture entailed, or if they had any. Little did he know the Abyss was making a point, what it was he had no idea.

“It may not have been the same, but you underwent the rite of pain. More than once, that demands respect.” Replied Abyss. He smiled as he looked back at Zamort. “It may not look like it but I respect you.”

“This is how you treat those you respect? I hate to see what you do to your enemies…” Zamort replied. Abyss laughed as he walked over to a wall. He put his hand on a wall and it opens up.

“Computer, process one Candystick and some Bloodwine.” Abyss asked, the machine in the wall gave out a humm. A small window opens with the items in it. Abyss take out a bottle of Bloodwine and the candystick. He handed the sweet to Zamort, the irken was hesitant but took the snack food.

“It something the Va-Takin have been working on. Not many ships have them, but they work on a dimension storage space. For now it a work in progress.” Abyss said as he drinks the Bloodwine. “Blaa! It warm… Still good though.” The Vice added as he kept drinking it.

Zanort looked at the candystick as he unwraps it. The food looked stile but he could still ate it. He took a bite out of it, it wasn’t bad. The irken looked at the vice carefully, it hasn’t been known. If Vice poison their enemies but for now, it looked like they didn’t. They also took good care that he would live.

“So, what happens now?” Zamort asked. Abyss looked at him then smiled, the vice walked over to the window and looked out side.

“We talk, I told you something about my race. Now tell me something about yours?” Abyss asked with a smile. As he took a swig of bloodwine, Zamort stared at him unsure what to do. Abyss did tell him about some history… It had nothing to do with the war three hundred years ago. Or about the UII right now… The question was, how long would Abyss let Zamort live...
Strange company and odd talks.
Vice (c) :iconterrortheslayer:

UII (c) :iconirkenimperialgaurd:

Va-Takin (c) :iconslushy-man:

Irken (c) Invader Zim.


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